Classifieds is one of the online classifieds that acts as a free online advertising gateway to serve customers in all their desires. Classifieds is an online portal where one can post their needs and view offers available for sale or


Real Estate is a comprehensive online business administration of Prabhanjam India Handicrafts Pvt Ltd. to cater the real estate market. PIHPL serves people by providing property related dealings to the sale/purchase of properties, etc. It plays a role as a platform


Scrap Listings is an online classifieds portal specially dedicated for listing recyclable products. This website is designed and run by PIHPL (Prabhanjam India Handicrafts Private Ltd.) which is an incorporated company doing business through online classifieds portal. serves the recyclable


IT Solutions

Prabhanjam India Technologies is an division of Prabhanjam India Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd. It develops websites, web applications, and desktop applications. It also offers SEO and SMO services. In the last twenty years dramatic improvements have been taken place in IT


NRI Search is a website developed by PIHPL that is dedicated to afford value-added services to the distinctive aspires of the Indian Diaspora worldwide. This website is a multi-informational and service provider with exhaustive content that is very resourceful for the


Recruitment is a classifieds portal in recruitment which holds certain jobseekers and employers profiles. PIHPL assists jobseekers in their overseas job search by saving their time, money, and effort in e-mailing their resume to each Consultant/Employer separatelyand moreover provide guidelines