In the world of surgical corrections, there are many options available for the alteration of one’s body image. Under the category of facial surgery, otoplasty or ‘ear pinning’ surgery is one of the more popular options. Otoplasty is the surgical correction of protruding, uneven, or large ears and can change the size, position or proportion of the ears.

The Process

The operation is typically performed on children between the ages of 4 to 14 when the ear cartilage is still soft and flexible. Common reasons that bring patients to request the surgery are congenital defects in children (underdeveloped ears), genetic conditions and physical injury or trauma. The pursuit of an improved facial image and overall aesthetic is also a common reason among the growing number of adult patients.

Plastic Surgery is performed by creating an incision behind the ear, which allows the plastic surgeon to remove cartilage and excess skin. The incision is then closed to bring the external ear closer to the head. The head and ear are then wrapped in a bandage after the operation to promote healing. Most patients are able to return to normal activities in one week. The procedure requires general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation and it takes between one to two hours to complete.

The Cost Of Otoplasty

Otoplasty is considered a low risk procedure as it only produces temporary side effects such as swelling, throbbing and mild discomfort with most patients returning to work after a week. Permanent scarring of the ear is also an expected side effect. The cost of the surgery ranges between $3000 and $5000. It is typically not covered by health insurance as it is considered cosmetic surgery. Depending on the plastic surgeon, however, varying payment options are available. Otoplasty is a very popular surgery as it dramatically changes the shape and position of the ears and consequently the image of the face. As a result of the surgery, patients report elevated self-esteem and boosted self-confidence. For an inexpensive surgery, otoplasty is a good solution for some people.

Montreal Health Clinic

If you are looking for a Medical clinic in Montreal that promotes health, well-being and provides patient centered care for you and your whole family, then I urge you to visit the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex (QEHC). It operates as a non-profit clinic and receives absolutely no funding or grants from the federal or provincial government, and relies 100% on donations.

Get all your medical and health needs met by paying a visit to the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal. QEHC for short is one of the biggest medical clinics in Montreal, Quebec – Canada providing a wide range of services. Although the clinic is over 20 years old, it has been renovated many times and upgraded to all the latest start of the art facilities and equipment. It has state of the art DIGITAL equipment, an accredited breast cancer detection center. Its primary mandate is to provide the public with varies parts of medical and healthcare, as well as curative and preventive. It is a walk in clinic, which means anyone can walk in at any time and set up an appointment.

Some of the other services offered include: imaging, mammography, X-Ray, Fluoroscopy, and Ultrasound.


The has parking, so you never have to worry about parking your by the road or some distance parking somewhere. But I should mention that parking costs $15 though, which by all estimates is not a lot when it comes to parking in Montreal.

CONTACTING THE CLINIC; you can easily find the health complex by checking out the address below:

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Average Yearly Salary of a Dentist

Due to massive economic crisis in the last few years, the priorities of people have been affected greatly and so have shifted as well. At the end of the day it is how much you earn so as to feed yourself and your family. And the best way is to find a job that not only suits you but also pays a good amount. The best option in such cases would be to become a dentist. It has a very smooth, satisfied and sophisticated career and life. To date, no such economic crisis has affected the life of a dentist.

A dentist is a trained and licensed professional who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the teeth and gums of the oral cavity. A person becomes a dentist after going through many hardships of studying sincerely for about 8yrs. Not all can afford to get into the dental school either. It is also quite expensive to get enrolled in a dental school.

Now if one invests so much in studying as choosing dentistry as the path of career, then it is quite obvious that a question will always strike in his mind and that is “how much will I be able to earn after being a dentist”? After the dental school, many dentists choose to do general dentistry while other dentists choose to go for specialization in a particular field. Likewise the salary also varies from a general practicing dentist and an orthodontist or a pedodontist, etc. different fields of dentistry comes with various different range of salary. Speaking of about orthodontists, Dr Brent Côté is a very knowledgeable orthodontist based in Gatineau, so If you need more information on that, be sure to click on his name.

Anyway, the salary of a dentist also varies according to location, experience levels, specialty and certain industries. But keeping these factors aside, the average yearly salary of a dentist would be around $122,000 including all bonuses and some other miscellaneous things.

Interior Painting Tips In Homes

One of the quickest ways to freshen up the look of your home is to give the walls a fresh coat of paint. It is inexpensive whether you are freshening up the existing wall paint or changing the current colors for something a little different. However, many people will rush the task and fail to prepare fully for the repaint. This can lead to disappointing results and lead you to have to repaint again sooner than would be necessary.

Here are some top tips for each stage of the interior painting process to help you get the job done with the best results:


Successful planning is one of the most important aspects of any interior painting job. Without planning the task will take longer and that will lead to unnecessary disruption to your household. Therefore, if at all possible plan to do your interior painting when the weather is warm so that you can open the exterior windows and doors to allow ventilation. Also if possible make alternative arrangements for whatever the room is usually used for so that if the painting takes longer than anticipated it is not so disastrous.


There is a lot of work that should be done before even a drip of paint touches the walls. You must ensure that any cracks are filled and bumps are sanded to ensure that the surface is flat and smooth before you apply any paint. This can be time consuming but if you don’t do it then you will not benefit fully from the finished repaint. In addition, it will also help the paint to adhere to the wall surface making your painting task easier.


While there are a number of one coat products on the market most professional painters will recommend using a dedicated primer for the first coat. It is widely accepted that by using a dedicated primer rather than a combination product the results will be far superior. Some painters will mix a little of the colored paint that will be used in subsequent layers with the primer. This makes the primer color less visible through subsequent coats and therefore leads to easier coverage.

Once you have completed the primer layer it is a good idea, although not essential, to do a light sanding with a sanding sponge. This again improves the adhesion of subsequent coats of paint and provides a smoother, cleaner finish to you walls.